Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation
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Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation

Mine. pe We Heart It.

How we all feel after a breakup.

Day six.
You catch yourself drowning in the scent of him, a stranger walks past you, wearing the same aftershave. You will want to burn the smell out of your nose.

Day thirty one.
His favourite song will come on the radio while you’re driving, you’ll swerve and pull over because you can’t see the road through your tears.

Day forty.
You thought you would have found solace in the arms of others. You will wonder why your head doesn’t rest right in the crook of someone else’s elbow. You will wonder if it ever did before you met him.

Day fifty five.
You will find an old cinema ticket from your first date. You will search your mind for the first signs of trouble. Should you have known?

Day sixty one.
You will dream about him. You will roll over to touch his face and find the other side of the bed cold. You will sob yourself to sleep.

Day seventy six.
You will wonder if he still talks in his sleep and if he still rubs his nose three times after he sneezes.

Day seventy seven.
You will search for comfort at the bottom of a liquor bottle. The taste in your mouth will not be his.

Day one hundred and twenty two.
His name won’t make you ache anymore.

Day 122. (via be-fearless-brave-and-kind)

The hardest part without a doubt

Yeah, you left
and I was broken
but I was okay with it
even months after you
said goodbye.

I started talking to
someone else and
he made me smile
and laugh
when all I wanted to do
was curl up
in my bed
and listen to sad songs
and stare at pictures of you.

He was great
and I even liked him,
enough to make me
forget about you for a while.

But he ended up
hurting me too.

But you want to know
what’s really fucked up
about all of this?
When he hurt me,
it was you I was
thinking about.

I wasn’t thinking about
what he said
when he was high
or how he treated me
when he was having a bad day.

I was thinking of you
and how you’d
ignore my texts those
Thursday nights.

I was thinking of
how you didn’t think
that maybe you
not talking to me
for two weeks was
killing me in every way possible
and I’d go home
crying every time
you didn’t even
send me a glance.

I was thinking of your hands
and how I’ll never be able
to hold them ever again.

I was fucking thinking
of how you hurt me.

I just don’t
understand why…

When are you
going to leave?


I lose you everyday (via itzonlyyoubabe)